Anticipated ice review AngryBirds on Ice is not the first ice show for the production agency Comunique!

Since 2013, the company has been dedicated to the show Masha and the Bear on Ice, which was a huge success.

Originally the Russian fairytale Masha and the Bear is now known to children all over the world. That’s why COMUNIQUE has decided to devote a non-animated format to child fans.

Video: Masha and the Bear on Ice



A show that traveled the world

The show of Masha and the bear did not stay only at Slovakia, Czech Republic or Poland. Not even in Europe! Children could also enjoy this show in Asian Indonesia or the United Arab Emirates.

In order to maximize the show experience, it was necessary to constantly adapt the dubbing to the country in which the show took place. Both the spoken part and the song lyrics. This will of course be the case with Angry Birds on Ice.


Máša a Medveď na ľade


The specific features of Masha’s ice show and bear on the ice were beautiful costumes of more than thirty characters, original music created specifically for the ice revue, which children that have seen the show could take away on CD and last but not least the elaborate scenery.

All eyes was immediately captivated by almost ten meters high bear’s house accompanied by a huge LED screen that completed the story. You will also be able to see many of these verified features in Angry Birds on Ice.

The new show will not copy the old ways. It will be build on them! In addition to brand-new scenic elements, our ice stage will be 360 ​​degrees, creating a new kind of experience.


Angry Birds on Ice as well as, Masha and the Bear on Ice is licensed show. That means it is a subject to strict rules and controls by the original brand owner. In case of Masha and Bear, the owner of the brand is the Russian studio Animaccord.

The partnership with Animaccord constantly pushed the quality of the show, especially in the preparation phase. The script, costumes, the scenery, and the music had to be approved or redesigned to be in true to the fairytale.

The quality was brought to such level that the show of Masha and the Bear on Ice was nominated for the LIMA International Licensing Awards in 2018.

Máša a Medveď na ľade
Masha and the Bear on Ice / Source: COMUNIQUE

The Finnish studio Rovio contributes to the creation of Angry Birds on Ice in a similar but more intense way, so the show will really be worth it!


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