On November 24, 2018 an acrobat audition took place in Košice. Under the supervision of director Juraj Benčík, the management of COMUNIQUE and the production team, the candidates tried to show the best of them. And they definitely had a lot to show!

Angry Birds on Ice Casting

The vision of performing in the exclusive Angry Birds on Ice show attracted artists from all over Slovakia. Most participants came from Košice and Prešov, but parkourists from Trenčín and other towns could not be overlooked.

For acrobats who had not previously had experience with theater, this audition was something new. For others, this casting was far from ordinary as well. In the morning acrobatic part and afternoon acting part of the casting, the participants showed their physical fitness and movementcreativity, which will contribute to the character of the show in a unique way.


During the casting day, the participants were at the center of numerous funny scenes and situations that on the one hand verified the quality of the artists and on the other hand maintained a cheerful atmosphere. The highlight of the day was the group improvisation, in which future performers were supposed to portray a group of cheerful monkeys as faithfully as possible. Dozens of participants created an atmosphere at times similar to rainforest rather than serious casting, but that’s how it was supposed to be. In fact dropping all restraints and fully dedicatingto the character was the point of this scene.


Three participants showed extraordinary determination when their car broke down on their way from Trenčín. Guys didn´t hesitate to board the first train and although they came to casting with a slight delay, they made it. The production team and the director already knew everything because the guys left nothing to chance and made a phone call in time. With their extraordinary talent and a truly professional approach, all three deserved a place in the show. This is how goals are achieved. This is the winner approach.

Angry Birds on Ice casting
Casting participants together with director Juraj Benčík. Source: COMUNIQUE


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