It all started with the first show COMUNIQUE produced – Masha and the Bear on Ice. Among the twenty cities in the world where this show was presented, performances in Belgrade, Serbia proved to be the most important for future cooperation with Rovio. It was precisely where we were noticed by representatives of the licensing company ELC, which besides a number of other brands also represents Rovio and their brand Angry Birds.

They were very interested in the worldly unique format – ice show and excellent quality, they invited us to a meeting in their Central European office in Budapest.

They presented several brands that might be interested in working with us for ice show production. From the offered, we were clearly interested in Angry Birds.

Five personal meetings in four different countries, 25 844 kilometers traveled, threepresentations, three conference calls, over three hundred emails and fifteen months.

All this was necessary for COMUNIQUE to sign a contract with Rovio so that it could fully start working on the next ice show.

The initial meeting in Budapest was followed by one more specific and longer meeting, for which we prepared the first presentation and preliminary business plan. This was followed by a number of emails and three conference calls, during which we moved forward in the discussion.

In October 2017, we met for the first time with representatives of Rovio, in London, during the Brand Licensing Europe exhibition. After a successful meeting, we invited them to our pre-Christmas performance of the show Masha and the Bear on Ice in Tallinn. There, Rovio representatives were convinced of the exceptional quality of our work.

Finally, after nearly fifteen months of work, negotiations and discussions, we successfully signed a contract with Rovio on May 23, 2018 during the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.



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